Sunday, August 7

Body: Dogs woke me up at 6a still feeling very tired; tried to go back to sleep, couldn't, gave up. Energy lower than normal, slight aches in lower legs, but certainly not bad after yesterday's run. Lifted in the basement, and it was harder than I thought it would be; ran out of steam and cancelled the conditioning component. Napped, and got up feeling worse, with no interest in running. Found a little motivation later in the afternoon to at least circle the yard in W/R intervals. Considered proper sprints, but the hammies made me take it easy.

Brain: Bit tired but mostly capable. Many chores done, camper readying begun, decent amount of reading and coffeeing. One dose of awful when my cats went into battle, but after that they got along fine. Like drunks in a bar but I am the cop who is supposed to break it up, somehow. Hubs time, including a chefly grilled supper of T-bones. Becoming a Sunday tradition!

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