Sunday, August 28

Body: Poor sleep once again thanks to overeating at supper, but slightly better than yesterday. Again accomplished nothing; drove home after workshop and had too many chores and was too mentally shot to try doing anything.

Brain: Logged more studying as soon as I got up. Workshop felt like more of a joke today, time spent going through machines more than free-weights, learning assessments many places don't do, going over equations for the millionth time, UGH. Was weird for me to see all of the machines after the squat-rack life for so long (we were in a brand new Y); I guess they are meant to prevent people from hurting themselves if they don't know what they're doing but honestly it seems like it keeps those people weak and still lets them hurt themselves. Wouldn't it be better to just offer some education? And cheaper, when you factor in the cost of all those machines?! One of the women in class with me (college kid) was a former monster powerlifter (345 squat, 185 bench, 485 deadlift, like holy fucking shit let her injuries heal so she can get back to it!) so I wished I had been more chatty yesterday when I saw her lifter's legs and just KNEW she was a badass. But oh well. The test felt like a breeze; a few things I was uncertain, but most of it felt like DUH, confident it was probably a 90% score, and we only need 70%. Won't know for up to 4 weeks, though. And now instead of test anxiety, I have this new feeling of "Holy shit, that was just the beginning, the hard part hasn't even started!" Headed home with one stop at UA in Albertville and that was WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE for me, so that was it. At home: chores, hubs time, and gratitude that a 3-day weekend is coming since this one was 0 days.

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