Sunday, August 21

Body: Woke up with tight neck still/again. Took Aleve today and it helped much more than yesterday's ibuprofen, but it was still there & bothersome. In workout I was careful to avoid anything that angered it, but I didn't hesitate to work everything around it. Lifts all felt like a fun experiment, and my emotions did not take over when, for example, bench was hard (of course it would be, I haven't done it in a month!) or even when deadlifts felt good (a relief, but still: no need to let that make me ecstatic). Rest of the day was pretty much all sitting, and only in Dad's truck was the neck a bit problematic. Had to take one of Hop's allergy pills this morning, 'tis the season I guess?

Brain: Very good. Without the 50k on the calendar, talked to the hubs about what we might do those newly-freed weekends to spend time together. Today I realized this would be the first fall in (5? 6?) years that he would be around, so I'm extra super grateful I will not be spending my Saturdays off on trails & then recovering in bed, being selfish (and possibly miserable).

I finished re-reading Furiously Happy today and it was the perfect time for me to revisit it, thanks to Chief for prompting that. Her message about each of us having different capabilities to handle life were what I really needed to hear; I may have many friends who can run 50ks (or redonkulously farther), but that doesn't automatically mean I should be able to as well. If I can't, I can't, and that's just fine. A goal that becomes a burden should probably be set aside, definitely so if it doesn't impact anyone else anyway. Did I learn nothing from my misery over Boston? "No more races" is something I should've stuck with. Lesson relearned.

I spent something like 2.5 hours brunching with my BB, catching up on her life, and it was wonderful, and the length is evidence that it should must happen more often. Another area to which my energy should be reallocated more fiercely.

Supper with the parents & bro & new girlfriend: a fun outing that I had been kinda dreading, since it meant a trip to St Cloud. But, when we made a side stop at Fleet, I got me some new dumbbells: 40 lbs, baby!

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