Sunday, August 14

Body: Woke earlier than yesterday, but still slept fairly decent. Took a nap at home, not really sleepy, but it's what the rest of the family was doing, so I did, too. Had basically no motivation after that. Lift? Bah. Run? Bah. Forced myself to do the bare minimum: 10 sprints.

Brain: Another morning with coffee & books & Hanky & quiet. Finished my PT cert book reading, now I have to do a bunch of workbook and online module stuff to learn the few things covered on the test. I kind of hate this, because I am learning to pass a test & get a piece of paper, but I want to ACTUALLY learn this stuff, too, but that takes practice, which I won't have for an unknown while. Email from Chief shows he must have seen his added Cart items from Friday, but he didn't say anything about it. I wish I had seen his reaction! Thought about telling him & making him look on Friday, but that seemed lame. In lieu of morning hike, we basically packed up & left to get home, so hubs could get skidloader fetched & gravel spread. Got my usual chores got knocked out, except food prep. I would've needed to go grocery shopping, but couldn't bring myself to do it, nor care. I'll hate myself for this within 24 hours, I'm sure. Tired. Wishing tomorrow wasn't Monday.

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