Saturday, August 6

Body: SORE hamstrings. Made the run not so good at all. Started out good, then fell apart around 9 miles or so, and I only wanted to walk, was hard to make myself run steadily. BK for 2h42m then I tacked on another 16 minutes (2 short) with a couple of brutal ski hill climbs. My goal was 15 miles or 3 hours; 2 minutes short, I'll call it good enough. I sure do wish it had been closer to 15, but the body felt decent enough the rest of the day that I might be able to run again tomorrow night with Hanky. Rest of the day spent being lazy, although wishing I could nap.

Brain: Got up so stupidly early (3:45a!) and had an OKAY run (might have been very bad without BK). Woods were beautiful and deer and turkeys were seen and caught up with BK's life. Spent the next chunk of the day with the hubs; had a family reunion full of fun chitchat and silly little ones and multiple pictures. Then hubs went out on his Harley and I got the night to myself, with books, a movie, and snuggle-some pets. Lovely!

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