Saturday, August 27

Body: Poor sleep at hotel, woke up tired. Sat all day at PT cert, then hung with Amy & Maya so did nothing in eve either.

Brain: Major overload. PT cert workshop had spells of "holy shit I can't do this" and "this test is a fucking joke" and "well, it's better than it used to be" and "but really I can't do this WELL." Hanging with Amy was great, and she bought my supper as pre-payment for services of being her accountabilibuddy for the next three months. Food logs, some workout ideas, a person to check in and monitor her. Was a TON of fun hanging with Maya, a toddler full of babbling and questions and strange songs and the occasional tantrum who let me into her inner circle; we were bestest buddies by the time they were headed home. I studied and made flash cards until I hit a point that my gummy eyes insisted I was done.

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