Saturday, August 13

Body: Damn good sleep, including snuggles with Hanky. After breakfast he & I went trail-running, though lots of walking was involved: 2 hours to go 8 miles. Some of that was extended lake breaks for him, or potty break or food break for me, but we sure did do a lot of walking. I didn't hit a wall, quite, but it was work. Napped after lunch & a shower, got up feeling poorly; tight back, mostly. Planned a hike later on with hubs & both dogs, nothing big (I was tired), but we got stormed out. After waiting it out, Hop & Lexi went fishing, and Hank & I rode with them to the lake, then walked back. Perhaps 1/3 mile, not even worth logging. Saw a deer though!

Brain: The incredibly obnoxious campers with dogs who bark at everything made me want to kill them last night, but it was quiet in the morning. Enjoyed coffee & reading & snuggles before I was forced to wake up the hubs and make breakfast. Escape to the woods, while work, was good for the brain. No people is exactly what I needed. Napping, too. I finished 3 books today, including reading one in FULL, start to finish. Three separate storms rolled through in the evening; we should start taking our vacations in drought-ridden areas and collect a fee when we bring our inevitable vacation rain. Again obnoxious jerks made the campfire suck, and sleep suck: I would rather have been at home.

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