Monday, August 8

Body: Still some sore hamstrings. Feet are not aching like I thought they might after tougher Andes trails. Slept like a champ, and got up feeling well-rested, but energy tanked pretty hard by 11a or so. Not sure why; stuffed in carbs & hoped for the best. By 230p, felt sleepy & nappy...more carbz. Went to LCSP anyway. Listened to my audiobook the entire time, and still struggled majorly. Like, exhausted "running is dumb why am I doing a 50k" akin to Boston training thoughts. Ugh.

Brain: Taxy day, more co-op tax returns, but simpler ones that didn't leave me feeling sooper stoopid. Confirmation FINALLY (after 6 weeks unsure) that we really truly do have health insurance coverage. WHEW! Visit to papa to do his books. Some FB silliness. Time in the woods was nice, even if it was a bit sad-making. Still had a bit of time for reading with cuddly pets.

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