Monday, August 22

Body: Sleep wasn't great thanks to the too-big supper; even found myself eating less than normal today. Some soreness in legs & glutes & low back from yesterday's workout. The combo of heat, not much time, and 2 speedsters as running buddies kept me home; I did sprints instead.

Brain: Decent. An easy day at DBB, some work without pending deadlines, chitchat, fun times. Took the practice test and barely passed, but given the upcoming class itself, I think I'm where I can expect to be. Came home and made the easy exercise choice, then had a good amount of time to study further. I'm finding a lot of issues with the info; there is so very little that feels helpful to actual real-life PT situations, but NSS is a lot different than most gyms, so that's part of it. Still, all I have to do is pass, so I can cross the T's and dot the I's, and then move on to REAL learning. Parents delivered camper and the friend PAID us for using it! Hey, new revenue stream!

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