Monday, August 15

Body: Feet ached in morning, and low back a bit tight all day. Went LCSPing solo, with an "easy" plan of run 4, walk 1; brought the audiobook & needed it halfway-ish. Running hills was easier than I expected, but my running pace was VERY slow to accommodate. Still too hard for as short as it was. It was a cool 62F, but it was very humid and my lungs struggled. I am very close to giving up on the 50k and striving merely to enjoy running again, being ready for the Train & Stay only.

Brain: Meh. Not excited for the work week, but not as low as I've been recently. I am astounded at the date: mid-August, really? This summer has gone by quickly, and too much of it has been spent being sadfaced. Lame. Running was a disappointment. Brain is not doing well. AGAIN.

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