Monday, August 1

Body: Sleep was poor thanks to the left shoulder going backward. It was decent yesterday but lifting must have aggravated it, for it was quite bad again this morning. Improved some by end of day, so that I could squeeze in some quick movement while killing time at NSS before the Relay meeting. Had held out tiny hope I might see Chief but he was already gone.

Brain: Fair. Until I got a VM from my beloved Heidi and I just about fell apart, hearing her voice and hearing that she misses me/us. God, why did that precious girl have to move so fucking far away? Immediate tears. And ongoing. Rough. Improved by texts from BK who says he will run with me this weekend, all 15 miles. What?! What a wonderful turnaround from my sad-lonely-runner state of last week! And I should have DQ to LCSP with on Wednesday night. Fabulousness!

Went to the final Relay meeting of the year and grew extremely annoyed with the drawn-out tangents and slow pace and monopolizing people and I just wanted GONE. Also I'm saddened by the total lack of recognition for individual fundraisers. Not that I need it to do what I do, but SOME acknowledgement would be lovely, and more importantly, maybe if they recognized us for our efforts, the rest of the people might get off the total team-driven focus and gather funds on their own as well - pretty sure we could raise even more with even more conversations.  

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