Friday, August 26

Body: Decent but neck still awful. Quads somewhat sore but not sure if that was session or SUP-ing (kneeled for sections). Tight low back in afternoon, but not TOO bad.

Brain: Busy workday but I managed to keep reminding myself not to panic at the workload, it would get done. And it did. Some good topics covered with Dustin, although mostly things that made me wish again that I had a clone; full-time office work doesn't even feel like enough time to get things done. I literally had the thought that maybe I could work there on Labor Day, get caught up on some shit. (SIGH. I must not, need to avoid giving all of my energy and making it something that ruins me.) Drive to the Cities in eve was draining; I dislike driving even 10 minutes lately, much less 2+ hours.

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