Tuesday, August 9

Body: Finally feeling pretty good, in terms of hamstring, etc. Still no running aches, which is lovely. Session was sweaty again, and I want to go back to my restful powerlifting days. Sigh. Had planned to run tonight, but it was 90+. I was going to do intervals, my new backup plan on hot days, but cleared it with hubs that this weekend (camping) I'll have time to run so he can have time to fish. Perfect, I don't need to run in this rotten heat!

Brain: Good. Busy busy day at NSS, taking on a lot of Other Chief's marketing things while he's gone. A little amazed at how much is coming up in the next couple of months - and also how damn good we are at planning ahead for things! Good amount of silliness texting with Chief on trip home; looking forward to seeing him and hearing all about his awesome trip. Quiet time in eve at home while hubs mowed - after plotting out camping grocery lists. Camping is actually a lot of damned work, yo.

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