Tuesday, July 5

Body: Left shin is quite sore from yesterday's near-rolls, wincing on first steps, but then it loosens up with movement. Tired; dogs needed out at 330a, then the cat wouldn't let me fall back. Lay there trying to come up with a tired/exhausted combo with furious/angry equivalent of hangry, because that would have perfectly summed up my feelings. Session was sucky; squats okay, pulls a tiny step backward, bench continues to be pathetic. I wonder if my kippy-ish pulls are pulling it down? Tired and fairly junky all day.

Brain: Tired and a bit cranky. Session that did not lift me out of it, and in fact left me wanting to cry. I desperately wish that I could be silly & giddy when I'm overtired, instead of closed & small & hateful. Small RFL event to kick off the week let me chitchat with a couple former coworkers & chase a kiddo of one. Fun, but I really needed to be at home, reading/studying/de-cranking.

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