Thursday, June 30

Body: Doing so much better. Still squat soreness, but all lifts felt good. Matched my PR on presses, maintained solid deadlifts, PR on rope pulls, feeling like things may come back around now. Ran with pooches and DQ, took a few longs rests for said pooches, but my body felt amazingly good. Like running is easy and playful and fun. It hasn't felt that good since, ohhhh, some point last year. I think it's because I'm finally getting to run at my own pace (not Couch to 5k paces), and the dog breaks allowed the cardio system to recover and be ready for more. It was a fabulous feeling.

Brain: Pretty damn good. Productive, satisfied, happy lifting, happy leaving work on time, happy trails with 8 extra paws along, happy hubs at his new job.

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