Thursday, July 7

Body: Left shin still sore and low back still tight. Session went okay but everything was flat, deadlifts slow and pulls a step back. Talked some with Dustin, and I have to either come to terms with a full change-up in my programming, or give up the 50k. It's just not going to work to do both, and I knew this, but I always hope otherwise. I thought maybe just ditching my Sunday lifting would let me get away with it. And I could keep up the powerlifting if I could accept that my numbers are going to be shitty for a while, but I am too emotionally tied to my numbers, and it's too hard to accept that 225 might become steadily more difficult for three months, vs not even doing them to know, vs give up the 50k idea. Ugh, choices.

Brain: Kind of shitty because of the above angst and feeling pathetic because of it. Focused on work & Relay stuff. Half-involved in a meeting listening to Dustin coach a coach, and felt like there's no way I can ever be one-tenth as good as he is, who do I think I am, etc.

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