Sunday, July 3

Body: Better first off than I expected given yesterday's run and sore shins. They feel fine today! Lifting didn't go great, but was still fun. Able to approach it like an experiment. Think I finally pinpointed the wrist/forearm soreness for the past week; I had thought it was from the SA chin-up drills two weeks ago, but I now realize it's probably from the tire flips.So today I only increased reps but dropped a full set. Intend to keep the flips as my weekend deadlift substitute, because they pair so nicely with carries (which I don't otherwise do) and skipping rope (which I want for running help) in without much impact on running, and in the great outdoors besides.

Brain: Up too early but it gave me an hour plus outside with coffee, book (new library fluff book!), birds, and Hank. Happy lifting. Chores knocked out. Another day of slacking on the docket.

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