Sunday, July 24

Body: Terrible night of sleep; took ages to fall asleep, woke early to rotten pets. Had to do a run; didn't have to be long since it was an unplanned bonu, so I decided to make it an easy LCSP outing, just go do the usual lap and see what happens. I had to tell myself a bajillion times that I couldn't quit early, just needed to finish, go slow & walk plenty if that's what I needed. It was. I need to get regular runs in again or this is never going to work. But running is so hard now that I don't even want to do it. Post-nap, the body felt pretty terrible. Ached everywhere as though I had done 20 miles.

Brain: Low from the run. Did my best to set it aside and get chores done, studying in, fluff books read. Part of the running difficulty is I miss my people. I am telling myself that running continues to lead me to new people, I don't have to quit as though I'll never find more. But it's hard. Very, very hard. This 50k may not happen. Or I may need to tell Dustin to completely change my program away from powerlifting so I can prioritize running...not like lifting is going well anyway.

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