Saturday, July 9

Body: Went to bed around 630a after Relay. Hank needed out at 9a and OOF my ankles/feet were in pain, I had zero ankle flexion and I felt like a zombie. Back to bed until noon, at which point I felt surprisingly good. Still sleepy and tired, but the body felt a LOT better than I expected. Lazy day. 

Brain: So glad I have zero obligations this weekend. Much catching up to do in terms of reading material, and chores, and mental downtime, and some NSS work even. Took in another big dog for a week, Sam the lab who is almost as perfect as Lexi. Making Hank look bad - good thing he's still my favorite. Got in a decent amount of reading, and watched a movie when my brain began to falter. I haven't watched TV in ages, and tonight reminded me why: the movie was not even 10% as good as the book. 

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