Saturday, July 30

Body: Sleep was much better than past few nights, and body felt fairly good in the morning. Tackled a double-digit run (first of the year, I think?) and it went rather well, thankfully. Tiny bit of hiking in afternoon, perhaps a mile, but mostly laziness in a gazebo. Initial movements felt poorly, like tight hips & aching feet getting out of the car, but at the end of the day I wasn't feeling sore at all: incredible!

Brain: The long run going well was an enormous mental win. Seeing Greg was a wonderful surprise and helped my run hugely. Had a lovely time with J & A all afternoon, kicked back in a hammocky chair in a gazebo on a gorgeous day, then a bit of hiking (mosquitoes were positively overwhelming, so way too short), then more gazebo-ing, then we went out for supper at a fun new find that had an outdoor patio to continue enjoying the beautiful day. Some sadness at my inability to eat normal or enjoy alcohol or participate in the many conversations about kids, but it is what it is. I sure do miss those girls being in my daily life.

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