Saturday, July 2

Body: Went to trails at Andes. Again the body felt pretty well fantastic, at least until I hit 45 minutes. Then I took a salt tab, ate some body-temp banana, and waited for it to make a difference. It maybe did, but by that point my ankles were barking about all the effort and I decided I didn't need to hit my original mileage plan since I had at least hit the time. Of course, the time was found by stopping to take videos and pictures and watch deer and walk hills, but whatevs. I'm going back on Monday so I shouldn't overdo it anyway. My shins were sore the rest of the day, deep aches felt when pointing my toes, which is not what I expected, so it's good I didn't push for more. Lift & recover tomorrow.

Brain: Beauty at Andes set my day up for bliss. It was so peaceful and enjoyable. Two wee baby spotted fawns made my heart sing! Fun new trails where I didn't know exactly what was coming or where I was going: huge change from LCSP. Nap time. So much reading time: finished & began a new audiobook; finished a book I just got from the library this week; started our book club book; started reading the PT book and developed a study plan to actually LEARN the stuff, not just pass the test. Outside time. Laughing at pups. Watched the powerlifting meet start to fill itself up, although I do have to monitor our payment system regularly to approve some requests. Made Hop help me decorate NSS in more purple for Relay week, and then rewarded him with Qdoba.

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