Friday, July 1

Body: Crappy sleep started catching up to me. Body fine and energy level mostly fine, but tanked a little in the afternoon.

Brain: So much work to do: end of month, end of quarter, plus my usual Friday madness...mountains of tasks. And meanwhile everyone else is in a jolly mood for the long weekend and leaving early and chitchatting all their downtime away. So I was on edge for much of the day, wanting peace & quiet, wishing I could shut down the overwhelm & relax & chitchat too, annoyed with the world by the time I left. Also feeling disappointed in the Relay fundraising. I put so much hope and effort into this Round Up concept, and it wasn't a failure but it was about half what I thought it would/should be. And I am plumb out of energy to rouse up another "thing" to do on Relay week itself which leaves me feeling very disappointed in myself. At home, read & relaxed like it was my job. It helped.

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