Wednesday, June 8

Body: Feels good. Slight tightness in lower legs getting out of bed, but went away very quickly. Got up tired, though, as dogs keep waking me up. And so does Clyde.

Brain: Decent. Full work pile at DBB (co-op taxes), visit to Dad's bookwork over lunch, but still in unmotivated/shiny object mode. That made my afternoon a scramble to get the co-op tax return done before leaving so that the boss man had a week to review rather than 24 hours. SSS at NSS was an absolute blast. I do still find myself unsure of how to correct (or whether to) because I'm just not familiar with the range of imperfection that different bodies will display. Like, I know a perfect squat, but what about a "pretty good" squat, is that okay? When is it not good enough & needing perfection? I guess that's what experience will show me. Anyway, once again home late and eat and go get ready for bed and this is getting old. It's already old.

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