Tuesday, June 7

Body: Feeling good. Session went well; I did have to settle for 155x3 on squats rather than a set of 5 (caved forward a little), but I nailed a 135x1 bench that was the first 135 that felt GOOD in a long while, so I racked it without even trying a second. Just finish intelligently on a high note. Given I didn't have Chief, which usually throws me off, this was a solid showing. My run plan calls for "rounding up" Tuesday night Couch to 5k runs, to at least 3.5, so I literally ran my library errand, and ran to & from Couch to 5k. Success: 4.2 total miles!

Brain: Busy busy NSS day...again. Good busy, but DAMN I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend to recover from my vacation weekend. (Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, no?) Much accomplished, much work to do on volunteer gig, and little time to work on it. Thankful for that upcoming weekend.

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