Tuesday, June 28

Body: Decent. Not awesome, not terrible. Low back better today. Squats went okay although I was having issues with where my hands/wrists were, not sure why that was suddenly a deal. Pulls hit a PR of 19. SO CLOSE TO 20. At which point I will return to perfectly strict, zero kip, and probably cut my numbers in half. Oh wellz. Bench sucked, as it's done lately. After work (I was done working at 4pm whaaaaaat) I went to Woodland's trails. It was kinda hot and buggy and I was feeling MEH about it, probably because I had no one to chat with. Who am I supposed to run with now, without my HH?

Brain: Pretty good for a Chiefless day. Trained with Paige and it was chatty, nice to catch up with her. Been too long. Had a meeting with Other Chief & Dawn to talk about changing up the fall Jeans Challenge and making it less of a fat-loss focus and more of a goal focus, which could be include fat loss but also could be strength or endurance. Dawn & I are in love with the idea, just need to flesh out logistics, and figure out how to make it catchier, sexier, a "6 weeks to flat abz" kind of draw - but a "actual results because actually realistic goals" kind of finish. It's so hard to sell the non-sexy, but once people buy it, MAN, it changes their whole damn lives. (Two thumbs & living proof, right here.) Pet project and lots of time to mull it over. (On the other side, assuming I am the one doing the team training? UGH to the timing of late September to mid-November. That's fall running season! I will insist to myself that I need different work hours if I do that, especially with a 50k smack in the middle.) In eve, hit the library, heard good news from hubs' day two, and had reading time: bliss.

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