Tuesday, June 21

Body: So tired. Energy okay, but DAMN my low back is badly tight. I know it's stress. Got even worse during session (which didn't go so well). Sat for most of the afternoon to relieve the back & work on an intense project, but then my left shoulder ended up cranky. Can't win. Couch to 5k was easier than I expected given the back, but once I got home my left toe tendon was extremely sore. From 3.2 miles? That's also stress.

Brain: Busy and productive day at NSS. No Chief for my session yet again. I miss him. I miss my therapy via HH or Chief; I get none at all right now and that's why my body is acting like it is. I am stretched too thin, I don't have enough time for the things/people that build me back up, so I am near to breaking. Brittle.

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