Thursday, June 9

Body: Okay, but I'm not getting enough sleep. I don't need to be up before 5, Clyde cat. Lower back has a return of the tight, hard-to-stretch spot, and I have to blame stress. I am near tears at all seconds because of Heidi's move. Session was acceptable, not stellar but not bad. Just was. Couch to 5k was HOT so there was extra walking and an ice/water stop at Mike's house.

Brain: Decent. Got brave and signed up for PT certification and also texted the dates to Amy since it's 1.5 hours from her house, we could hang the night in between. It's at the end of August, and study materials are on the way, so I'll be occupied on the Colorado road trip! Haven't heard anything from boss boys, but they do have a million things going on, as usual, and it certainly isn't an obvious/easy decision. Kept busybusy and had some extra work to supply the ice/water but it was worth it. At home, barely enough time for anything. Looking forward to July, and hopefully next year C25k only overlaps a tiny bit with SSS, because it's getting rough.

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