Thursday, June 16

Body: Still choppy sleep, but quality at least. Energy improved. Was freezing & cranky right before session, but movement felt good, PRd on rope pulls, and nailed a 245x2 deadlift that felt better than in ages. For Couch to 5k I wasn't sure how the body would feel, so I elected to stay in back. Much better than expected. Thinking of going to hit Andes on Saturday, maybe with DQ.

Brain: Tiredness led to crankiness. Tried to hide in boss boys' office for a quiet hour to concentrate, and it was near-constant interruptions anyway. Made a note to bring ear buds tomorrow; I hate how closed-off they make you, but GD I just can't focus & I get so very crank, I would at least like to eliminate that. I still feel stressed about the various things, but much better able to cope today. 

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