Sunday, June 26

Body: Woke at usual time to let out Hank, but went back to bed because I felt awful. Got up an hour later, still had a headache. Sleep close to caught up. Probably under-hydrated yesterday. No interest in running today (which was the plan) but playing with weights and being out in the yard sounded like fun, so I did that. Napped. Was oddly not hungry for much of the day. Energy okay, but not stellar.

Brain: Tired but okay. Good chunk of time outside reading on the deck in the cool & chirpy morning - that always improves me. Lifting was fun and not hard, which is what I needed. Naptime with kittehs. All major chores done. Hubs cooked a great supper. Fired up my spendy new Vitamix and it worked like a charm; protein smoothies shall become a thing so that I can get enough calories which leads to enough sleep which leads to happiness.

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