Saturday, June 25

Body: Terrible night of sleep. Woke at 130a h/s/g, monkey mind, couldn't fall back but also too tired to get up and eat something. Made race notes several times, counted how often I flipped over, didn't feel like I ever fell back asleep, so at 330a I gave up and got up. Energy held up okay for the race, then I got a nap, then I was tired but not exhausted the rest of the day. Even managed to get all get aid station stuff unloaded and into the basement. Not bad!

Brain: Tired, but prepared for race day madness. It went okay, but without the hubs as my right hand, I would never have made it. I am not doing a 2-person job again next year! Still, it was a lot of fun, and my Couch to 5k people all finished, and only a few fools got themselves lost by deciding a "dead end" sign applied to them. That which was in my control went well. Post-nap I went back to town so I could get pictures uploaded and share my 5Kers, then finally pure laziness and reading with my pets. Lots to do tomorrow, but all of it can wait.

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