Saturday, June 18

Body: Tired as always, but decent enough to run normal speed rather than Coucher speed. Had planned & packed for more miles afterward, but I was just not interested in logging more mileage in such rotten humidity, so I went to work on LAE stuff. Then energy crashed, so a nap was needed, then I forced myself to take Hanky LCSPing. Since it was blazing hot, not to run, just to get time on feet. Relay is only a few weeks away and I intend to walk a marathon again, so I should just focus on time on feet at this point.

Brain: Decent. Enjoyed running "hard" for once, but frustrated that it didn't energize me for more. Tired of LAE tasks and glad it'll all be finished in a week. Made myself stay up late for some bonfire time with the hubs and fireflies, but I didn't make it past 10pm.

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