Saturday, June 11

Body: Got up feeling fairly rested and no aches/pains. Logged a solid Couch to 5k (ran with Brett & discussed LAE, mostly), then ran with Brett & Heidi & pooches toward Brett's vehicle, then back with Heidi. I did need a walk break in that return, but a lot of that was mental, needing to recover from tears at Heidi saying goodbye to Brett. Super hot day, napped at lunchtime & woke up feeling fairly refreshed.

Brain: Enjoyable running. Seeing my bestie one last time. Seeing my bestie for the last time. So many tears and "one last hugs" at our departure. I've known goodbye was coming for about 4 months, but it is still tearing me apart. Bereft. Was extra kind to myself the rest of the day; kept busy with chores & LAE work & reading. But still: bereft.

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