Monday, June 27

Body: Almost enough sleep. Hanky pestered me at 505a. Lower back pretty tight first off; better in the afternoon after sitting a few hours for CECs.

Brain: Excited for hubs, first day at new job! Took it upon myself to be noisy to make sure he woke up on time, but it turns out his first day starts a half-hour later. Oops! Another slow day at DBB; logging multiple days of CECs is dull and draining, especially when the info applies to rich folk and I can't relate at all. For example: UTMA and UGMA have the same income, gift, and estate tax consequences. Present interest gifts to custodial accounts under UGMA or UTMA qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion. In addition, the gift removes the property from the donor's estate, as long as the donor is not also the custodian. However, keep in mind that gifting property to a minor no longer has the same income tax advantages it once had. MAKE IT STOP. SSS at NSS was of course great fun again, although I will not be sad to see it end. Want my evenings back!

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