Friday, June 17

Body: Fairly good. Slept better. Achey from deadlifts but just the usual general fatigue. Energy was better and I didn't end the day exhausted like most Fridays lately.

Brain: Doing better. Good productivity at NSS led me to start working on a Tuesday task already: writing the final (of this year) Couch to 5k newsletter. Forgot the ear buds, so again I sought silence in the boss boy office which helped a lot. Delivery of eggs (which I then forgot at NSS, natch) and Caribou from my BB, and saw GP for the first time in aaages. Also lunched with Timmy & Mac for the first time in aaages. Next up is to reconnect with Ms Shannon. Soon, please! Reserved our August camping spot tonight, after Timmy highly praised the park. Lots of trails to be hiked there, so we'll have happy pooches again. 

Made more headway on LAE work, but am kind of dreading tomorrow's effort. I am doing two people's worth of volunteer jobs while Brett is doing oh...a dozen or so. And all proceeds go to a cause I don't really care why exactly am I doing all this? 

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