Friday, June 10

Body: Tight lower back, otherwise good. Still nothing from running, other than right ITB slightly tight some days. Two more weeks, bod, you can do this. Looking forward to a trail-happy body at my own pace. Hammocked at home after work, and felt like I could've napped.

Brain: Busy lotta workday. But logged a lunch picnic at the park with Heidi & kiddo, enjoying sunshine and fresh air and our second-to-last chitchat. Ready to cry every time I think about it. Trying to think about it as the stoics would: how will this help me, what advantage am I missing, how can this benefit me long-term? I don't know, I can't imagine this being a good thing in any way. At least for me; I think it's going to be wonderful for her family. 

Finally managed to get the LAE race volunteer website updated (from my hammock!) to at least a basic level of shareability, but I'm seriously dreading the constant messages from volunteers that come flying in that week. I am gone from home at least 12 hours every day and I don't know how I'll have time for last minute anything. 

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