Wednesday, May 25

Body: Tired, a little achey in lower legs & feet. Road running is not for me, when just 3 miles has an impact, but twice that on trails gave zero aches. Extremely tired by just 1p. Since I had nothing pressing, bailed for a solid nap with kittehs, then lazed about until SSS.

Brain: Tired, a little cranky. Not interested in taxercising. Listened to a useless webinar today, and in the meantime I mocked up a plan to figure out CECs for my various certifications. Win win! But also: cripes, a lot of studying ahead of me. Good thing I love learning! Had a lovely afternoon playing hooky, but I am upset at how tired I am. Decided I should track calorie intake to make sure I'm actually eating enough. Fun at SSS, though a bit terrified that it's only me from here on out.

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