Wednesday, May 11

Body: Calf is a bit better. Lower legs not as achey as they were after Saturday's run, so it must be the shoes. Also felt a lot better than I did after last week's squats, despite more weight. That's cool! Musta been the chips. Chips are recovery food!

Brain: Ugh, a foggy misty BLAH morning, and a BLAH day at DBB, feeling dumb working on a co-op return, followed by a slow project. Then I came home to stare at a spreadsheet aimed at making financials balance for me to work FT at NSS, and I just don't know how to do it without cutting out ALL FUN from my life. I don't have the ability to trade in all fun for NSS. One way to "almost" get there is to keep tax season being a thing (I was hoping to avoid that) but it's not enough. One other way is for hubs to make more money. Given his severe dislike of his job, that might happen. Or he might go elsewhere and make less. Fucksticks. I'm feeling the heavy burden of our lifestyle and its overhead, but also firmly protecting the things that keep me sane. In the meantime, I don't hate DBB; it's my second choice, and it pays well, and it doesn't involve hog manure or baking next to lava-hot tar...right?

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