Tuesday, May 3

Body: Felt okay but wasn't sure what to expect in session. It went damn good, though! Hit 145 bench, first time it was worth trying in quite a while. (And then once again I weighed myself and am 4 pounds shy. ARGH.) Pulls went up, first set of 16 for months and months. Squats were a touch better on the hamstring, but still kind of there. FAH got to 60s without dying (though didn't have a lot more in me) and didn't do more sets to leave elbow alone. Snatched the 16kg in small sets to work on speed switches again. Was rough on calluses. Couch to 5k was easy peasy fun, and I have a speedster again!

Brain: Busy NSS day, but all good things. Great session, with fun stories from Dustin's conference. Lovely sunshine for our C25k outing, but sad that I wasn't overwhelmed with eager peeps. Still, I'd be happy to change one life, so I'll take it! NEW BARBELL ARRIVED, hooray! Super excited to use it on Sunday.

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