Tuesday, May 24

Body: Really & truly feeling better than I have in a long time. Session went great in terms of squats & pulls, but oddly my bench was kinda MEH, just felt off, slow, awkward. I felt that way all afternoon, myself. Eve couch to 5k was a HOT MESS, 84F & sunny & pretty gross. I created a walking excuse and enjoyed it. I hate running in the heat! Some aches afterward, particularly toe tendons (both).

Brain: Somewhat overwhelming day at NSS, felt like my to-do list only grew, although I did actually get a lot done. No chiefs talk which left me feeling a little rejected; even though I know my info is part of the hold-up, it felt like I was being avoided. (I kept telling myself that I was making up stories with no basis.) I spent many hours working on my spreadsheets o' projections, but kept having problems and not understanding why things looked SO dismal, until on my way home I realized I had created a faulty formula. WHEW, now I know how to fix it and I'm glad I didn't pass along bad numbers! Enjoyed C25k for the most part, but my brain has begun working on how to get more volunteer coaches so it isn't me & Dan over & over & over, committing ten weeks to this project. It's hard to have it at the same time as SSS, and I wish I didn't feel guilty about my two weekends away & taking Saturdays off. We just need a few more runners to care about it, and we'd be set.

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