Tuesday, May 17

Body: Terrible sleep; woke often, and wide awake at 4, so came up from a deep sleep at 5:15, ugh. Body sore all over. Lifting was so-so in that squats felt amazingly great, pulls backward, bench started out solid but dwindled. Eve couch to 5k was hard because I have to go so slow. 10-11:00 pace is hard on my legs, I struggle to find a balance. Already...this is week 3!

Brain: Great day at NSS, fancy new desk setup, much work to do, many bossboy projects, took a task away from Dustin, took pics of the new shirt for social media, and also played with Dustin over his goofy "senior pic poses." Did not bring up FT because I was not brave, and because boss boys are more than a bit overwhelmed right now. Hard to say when they WON'T be though. But at the end of the day there was an email from Mike that breezily dropped a project that I just know will be incredibly time-consuming, and I want to do it, but I also don't know how to do it in the 8-ish hours per week that aren't already booked solid with required weekly tasks when those 8 hours fill up so fast with random one-off projects already. I nearly replied with "let's talk about FT" but I thought I'd try again to see if I can offer them a better number. I can't. It is what it is. Had a short chat with Hop about it all, and he seemed to interpret it as me saying it's his fault I can't work there, and I suppose it kind of is, his pay cut prevents me from taking another. But we are still in a much better place than we were when he was making $15k more but hated hated hated his life. I don't want to go back to that, no sir. We'll figure it out.

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