Tuesday, May 10

Body: Things are feeling good, other than stupid right calf. That is getting better, though. Session went better than I anticipated; squatted 135x5 without any hip crank at all, which was still there for a whisper last week. Yay! Pulls continue to rebound, and bench remained solid. Evening C25k was chilly/misty while waiting, but it felt damn excellent once we got moving. I'm running as slowly as I can stand, which is not easy for me. It was nice to play with nose breathing, but there's only so far I can back off before risking IT issues. Lower legs felt better afterward than Saturday; think I need to stick with my cushiest shoes unless I'm on trails. Still, the left big toe tendon is crank the second I remove shoes - that injury is SIX OR SEVEN YEARS OLD. Insanity.

Brain: Great day at NSS, working on various projects: financial things for the boss boys, newbie marketing, inventory stuff, updating spreadsheets, analyzing contract data. Happiness.

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