Thursday, May 5

Body: Still sore from squats, but otherwise was doing well. Session went great, reached 7 pulls on the rope but then grip went all to hell; a day of fantastic-feeling deadlifts meant I got to attempt an ambitious PR (265) and while it was slow, it drifted away slightly on right side, and yet I GOT IT. Fantastic! I think there might have been a second rep in me if I'd nailed the form, but I doubt a second drifter would have been manageable. HUGE confidence boost for next weekend. Eve Couch to 5k was HOT as blazes, a too-dramatic swing from recent temps, and a smaller group than I'm wanting. This early it's hard to judge whether I'm truly losing people or just a scheduling thing, but I sure do hope people keep on coming.

Brain: Another excellent day of NSS. I really love the variety; as time goes on I get to do more & more for the Chiefs and that makes me so happy, that I can take some bits off their overloaded plates. FT needs to happen. NEEDS TO. Quiet eve with books: bliss.

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