Thursday, May 12

Body: Was a bit sore from squats. Deadlifts felt heavy in session, which broke my pure excitement for Saturday and introduced a bunch of anxiety. Couch to 5k was made delightful when I fucked up on my calculated route/distance and fixed it on the fly up by taking the lead group onto the disc golf course trails, and they LOVED IT. Whoop whoop!

Brain: Great day of NSS. Want to, NEED TO, be there daily. It's a magnificent change in my brain when I wake up on NSS days. Thinking less about taking a pay cut and more about how to sell the boss boys on my value. Feels unnatural for me to do that, but I am simply unable to find the costs to cut to take a pay reduction, so unless the hubs finds a pay raise, I don't have that option. Maybe I simply need to do my job and show the impact on finances more clearly rather than just giving what sounds like a large number and letting their brains see it as unmanageable.

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