Sunday, May 8

Body: Junky. Tight right calf, and something in right upper back/shoulder tightened up during lifting. It isn't locked up, but it's a touch cranked, and now is not the time for crank! Kept the lifting very conservative in reps & weights & length, both because it didn't feel great and because TSC is now just 6 days away. Spent several hours on my gift to Mom: pergola clean-up, trimming endless vines & branches, weeding around asparagus plants, and transplanting hollyhocks. Probably gained a nice sunburn in the process, too. Body felt pretty good doing it, though.

Brain: Very good, despite junky lifting. Had a good time at the parents' doing a lotta work, followed by chitchat & laughing at dogs. Landed back at home just as the hubs headed to his mama's, but I hunkered down to eat, hammock, and read. The good life.

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