Sunday, May 22

Body: Slept like a rock, finally, and got up feeling rested. Logged some more SHT miles before returning to normal life. Delightful fun at first, then suddenly the body was out of calories or coffee or rest or something, because it felt awful. Lungs would fail, then walking felt draining, but then running would be doable. Just ugh. Heidi & I sent Dan out for more/faster miles and we walked the tar all the way back to the hotel, and zero bits of me wanted to run that stretch. SO TIRED. Sitting in the truck all the way home was as awful as the trip up, and for most of it, I was unable to read without feeling barfy. That sucks ass, I LOVE to read in the car! (Same thing happened on the trip up.)

Brain: Wonderful outing with friends on fun new trails. Much chitchat with Heidi time, and gave her my card & gift, and cried all over her shoulder. I can't even think of her leaving without tears developing. One last visit to Lake Superior herself, cooling happy feet in her refreshing waters. So sad to leave. Hated the ride home due to feeling so rotten, but also because it was our last TROUSy hurrah up north with my Heidi girl. Once home, parents were there which meant I had to attempt standing around being pleasant for 15 minutes when all I wanted to do was crash. TIRED GIRL. But happy to be home with my beloved pets & hubs & bed.

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