Sunday, May 15

Body: Got up feeling surprisingly good. A touch stiff all over, tight right bicep, and hams that didn't enjoy foam rolling, but otherwise nothing. Logged a lifting session in which the press was a grind but do-able, squats felt fantastic, dead-hang wide-grip pulls felt gorgeous, and bench was a grind. So, moderate results / best I could expect. I was even considering some sort of deadlift variation, but played it conservative and kept recovery at the forefront. I would really love to Do All The Things and wish my body would comply, but I have to keep reminding myself that it won't. It just fucking won't, and I have to accept that. Spontaneously joined the TROUSers for a Sunday afternoon LCSP romp that went better than I anticipated. Hanky needed water breaks that I also appreciated, and we took a full detour for a 10-minute walking spell that I kind of needed more than he. Other than that, 6 miles is damned impressive for us both! And afterward, I was dead tired. Couch time, yo.

Brain: Good. Quiet morning that included sitting outside in the sunshine with coffee & a book. Chores accomplished. Put together some numbers for boss boys that are a little less terrifying than I suspected they'd be. Hammock time. LCSPing with pals and pooch. Dog park to visit Hank's girlfriend (and like a dozen other energetic dogs). Sunshine and relative warmth. Love me some Sundays, man.

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