Saturday, May 7

Body: Feeling good. Couch to 5k was half running/half walking, and as soon as I got home, I was feeling it in my feet. I will have to sit out next Saturday morning, save myself for TSC; I refuse to give myself an excuse to suck.

Brain: A lovely day. C25k, lazy time in the sunshine with critters, writing, Dream Mapping, reading, chores, nearly nil obligations. A fantastic bucket-refilling day.

TSC is causing me to remember why I removed myself from competition for so long. I don't like the mental pressure, but mostly it's really hard for me to predict my good or bad days, physically speaking. The best-laid plans always turn out irrelevant, it seems. Even running, which is so easy in terms of clear, planned progressions, always spontaneously erupts for no discernible reason. Trying to plot a specific day to peak deadlifts & FAH has led to random deadlift-suckage and a tendonitisy elbow that has barely let me train FAH for the past few weeks. Damn it all.

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