Saturday, May 21

Body: Not as junked by the miles as I suspected. Tired, though (6.5 hours of TERRIBLE sleep), and coffee struggled to do the job. Beautiful warm sunny day (too hot, at times, even for standing around), not enough hydration & improper food (where was my protein?!), decent workout carrying totes and totes and totes as the finish line was torn down. Recovered decently by the day's end, but then was smashed with exhaustion.

Brain: Wonderful day. Started my morning helping with packet pickup, which means greeting excited runners, wishing them luck, and laughing with fellow volunteers. Moved out to the second/third aid station, hanging out with my book until my runners came through, at which point I'd get my sweaty hug, commence caretaking, then send them off with renewed enthusiasm. Delightful! Buddy Gregg did drop here, which was a bummer, but I then had the joy of chatting with him for the next hour.

We traversed to the fourth aid station to hang with Dan, and help tired & overheating runners of all stripes. I learned that women will open their sports bra for a handful of ice without question, and I already knew it would be their saving grace. It was nearly 80 on the ridges, and for spring Minnesotans, that's blisteringly impossible. Glad I could be there to share this trick, and I hope the AS workers used it when I left to greet my peeps at the finish line.

From here I actually detoured right down to Lake Superior, to stand in her, greet her, enjoy her soft soothing sounds. It was glorious and exactly what my brain & body needed. I continued to take care of myself by going to our room to eat, drink, sit, and read quietly for nearly an hour, then went to the finish line party. So many hugs, even more caretaking, and much rehashing of the battles. I love this.

Helped with clean-up, though I feel guilty that we left early but my peeps were going eating, and I was in desperate need of real food as well. Grand Marais fed us well, and we pet some beautiful husky puppies, and then we absorbed the lovely, rocky, chilly beach. Back to our room to rehash more war stories with Dan & Heidi, then early bedtime.


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