Saturday, May 14

Body: Got up feeling good; not great, but no aches or anything. TSC results were satisfactory, but yet of course I'm disappointed. But I mean I REALLY wanted that deadlift PR and instead I only matched my existing (although it was certainly a smoother one than it was last week). I was surprised that my grip gave out on flexed arm hangs, rather than my arms/lats. Frustrating, and while it was a 3-second PR, I REALLY wanted to hit a gorgeous-sounding 90 seconds, damn it! At least I kicked ass in snatches, the one event I didn't have the least bit of anxiety about. A couple months ago, I had done 150 with a couple seconds to spare, having started slowly that day, AND before learning the speed switch, so I had full confidence 155+ was on the docket, 160 within reason. Hitting 162 was amazeballs! Spent the rest of the day eating, napping, and lazing about. Hubs gone to races meant I could enjoy precious silence for recovery.

Brain: Did not enjoy feeling anxious and doubtful all morning, hating the idea of a competition day and wishing I hadn't signed up, but as I dressed to finally head out, the switch flipped and I was excited. And once I was there, it was a total blast, of course. Grateful I had no other plans and could just laze about in peace with my pets and my books. Plus there was much chitchat via text with assorted beloveds, thoroughly lovely.

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