Monday, May 9

Body: Why would my right calf be worse today?! This is super dumb. Entire body felt somewhat junky getting out of bed, though, no surprise after yesterday's gardening work. Decent as the day went on, other than right calf. Shoulder/back thing that tightened up yesterday has amounted to nada. Had intended to do swings at home, but when I left DBB, it was all I could do to avoid taking a nap. Strangely exhausted.

Brain: I do not like Mondays. I do not want to be at DBB anymore. I cannot figure out how much of a salary slash I can accept because the hubs is re-looking for a new job and I don't know what his income will do. Trying not to stress, because DBB is still my second choice in life which means it's not hateful by any means, it's just not NSS. Patience. (Not my strong suit.)

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